Living Our Principles

Education:  Education is our primary focus. Our founder, Father Tom, frequently remarked that “Education is
the window to a better future.”  Firmly believing this,
we have set up various educational opportunities for the community we serve. We have placed many children in
local schools and even a few in universities. We provide tutoring sessions at the program house, requiring all 
whom we place in schools to attend. Our tutoring program is open to all neighborhood children, many of whom have no other educational opportunity.

Community Outreach:  We assist our neighbors in any way possible. Our house has become a meeting place for various community activities. We work with the local nuns to provide free bread to those most in need. Working with Shoes to the World, we have distributed 400 pairs of shoes over two years. When possible, we provide transportation to those with special needs. At times, we offer English lessons to the community. We even helped remodel one neighbor’s home. 

Spirituality:  Daily prayers and weekly mass attendance promote awareness of and development of good ethical and moral values. Our participants and neighbors celebrate a
holy hour each Friday afternoon. Additionally, we strive to provide occasional spiritual journeys to places of religious significance offering a day of reflection and relaxation. Our participants who are not Catholic are expected to respect the norms of the church. 

Feeding the hungry:  Malnutrition is a major problem in Guatemala. In fact, one survey a few years ago concluded that the prevalence of malnutrition in Guatemala is greater than in Africa. We are located in an area populated by those who came from the mountains of rural Guatemala looking for a better life, which they did not find. We are very fortunate to be able to provide lunch to the children who come for tutoring. During the pandemic, we delivered food to our neighbors.